Factors To Take Into Consideration When Expanding Your Business Globally

The world, though very competitive in nature, is full of opportunities for those who possess the willpower to chase their dreams and aim for the stars. The internet alone has made worldwide trade more accessible to even the smallest of businesses, and though it might be hard for relatively new companies and start-ups to make a name for themselves, the sky is the limit for those who manage to find success.

If you’re a business owner, you might be way past the days when establishing your name was of key importance. You might have been in business for decades, and that might mean your brand name already reaches the far corners of the Earth. But even if you’re already successful, you need to keep trying to grow to make sure you maintain an edge over your competitors and ensure the future of your company is secure.

If you’re trying to make a global impact with your company, you might be looking at how you can expand your business, enter into new markets, and set up branches of your business in new countries that will offer you great incentives and tax breaks. Of course, paying taxes is a necessity wherever you are, but tax rates are much more favourable in some countries than others.

Favourable Tax Rates aren’t Everything

However, it’s not just favourable tax rates that can make a huge impact on your revenue stream. While being able to pump as much of your profits back into your business is beneficial, there’s little point in setting up shop in a country that has poor diplomacy and very few international ties. Due to these reasons, you might be focusing your expansion efforts on the developed world for now, and one of – if not – the best countries to establish yourself has to be Switzerland.

Setting up business in Switzerland is far from a new idea. In fact, you’d be following in the footsteps of thousands of multi-national corporations if you decided to establish a base in this magnificent country. A few reasons as to why business owners are attracted to Switzerland include:

  • Switzerland’s corporate tax regime is extremely favourable when compared to a multitude of other developed nations. Overall tax rates can be less than a third of what you’d pay in nations such as the US or the UK.
  • Switzerland has good trade deals and diplomatic relations with a number of countries and trade blocs, including the EU, the US, and a number of emerging economies.


  • The country has a smart and adaptable workforce and is home to a number of languages.

Of course, if you’re not a Swiss national, you can’t simply buy a business premises and start operating. You’ll need to go through a relatively complicated legal process that includes a lot of paperwork. Luckily, the company formation specialists can make the whole process simpler, and you could have your new Swiss branch up and running in a matter of weeks.

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