Cool Hobbies for Business people

The world has changed considerably in the past 100 years. There is a huge variety of opportunity for business in the modern day and thousands taking advantage of it. The success enjoyed by those who make it big enables access to a variety of experiences that had previously been unthinkable. No longer are you confined to your area or even your country. The internet and interconnectedness has brought the world closer, allowing you to experience everything from around the world and visit it too. So, if you’ve made it big, or if you’re on your way to riches, check out these hobbies that you could soon be indulging yourself in.

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Let’s wind back a bit to start with. In this case, we’ve got a more traditional hobby, the venerable game of golf. A game first played in 15th century Scotland, golf is now a game enjoyed all over the world, with even Presidents having quite a liking for it. It’s not cheap, costing $5,760 per year minimum, making it much more in the range of successful professionals and businessmen than the average Joe, especially if you’re looking at playing on some of the top courses. For a fairly relaxed hobby that still includes a decent level of challenge, golf might be quite fun for your businessperson looking to unwind. As mentioned previously, golf tends to attract some pretty influential people, so if you fancy rubbing shoulders with the rich and powerful, perhaps golf is for you.


Now when I talk about hunting, I’m not referring to wandering around in the woods near your home in camo with an AR15 or some old hunting rifle that your grandfather swears by. These days businesspeople tend to be after some bigger game. Take hippo hunting, for example. Here you have one of the world’s most dangerous animals, powerful enough to kill you easily if you got on it’s bad side. Screw deer, it’s harder to get a bigger adrenaline rush than taking down one of those monsters. You’ll spend 5 days in South Africa in luxury tented accommodation, led by hunters with 30 years’ experience. Nothing screams success like an adventure half way across the world like hippo hunting does.


Hear me out on this one. Politics is a surprisingly common hobby for successful people, with 22.2% of people with more than $30 million of assets taking part. Our president even takes part in this hobby alongside others like Michael Bloomberg, even Mark Zuckerberg might be considering a presidential run at some point. If you don’t like the way things are going, want to make America great again, or just have a decent interest in government and fancy a new challenge, perhaps you should consider giving politics a go. Politics offers a new challenge, especially to businesspeople with experience running large organizations elsewhere. Who knows, you might just happen to become the next president.

Those are three of the top hobbies favored by businesspeople. Check out other top hobbies like classic cars, philanthropy and dining for a further look into how you can enjoy your time.

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